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labor day

really? already? YES.
here in America it is about the Labor Movement in the late 19th century.
but today ~ the Labor movement is nothing like it was back then.
then it was child labor, slave labor, female labor, uneducated labor.
in horrific work conditions for absolutely as little pay as possible.
today. it is union labor protecting numerous people who are deceitful, who cheat their employer, who defend the worker that doesn’t really work. it is about complaining, and whining, and asking for more more more. it is not about team, it is about me me me.
and in the end they hurt all around them including themselves.
but yet, they will still complain about the Man done them wrong or Administration done them wrong. they take no responsibility for their action or lack of action. they blame everyone around them.
my last two jobs i have had to deal with a union. it isn’t pretty.
but for me Labor day is not about this.
it is about a change in the cycle of the year. God saying He is still in charge.
a cooler temperature. a slower pace.
it used to be about school and new shoes, new clothes, pens pencils notebooks crayons glue and a new backpack if needed.
it meant the return of a predictable schedule in the home.
sports practices. music lessons. shorter days. longer nights.
i am a fall/winter/ early spring person. i am not a summer person.
getting everything from the garden canned and frozen.
cleaning the garden out. prepping for the winter. with mulch and compost and straw.
wondering how cold will it get this year? praying for blizzard to be able to stay at home and hunker down with my husband.
and read. and sew. and write. and nap. and bake. and pray.
Labor day is every day. i labor every day for the Kingdom of Jesus.
i don’t need a union. i have a Master. of my heart and soul.
and this earth is not permanent for me.
i can hardly wait to labor the Lord in heaven.
i want to work in His Kitchen and in His Gardens…. oh my heart.