life as it is seen from my heart and soul

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snow. the perfect combination of cold and water.
and each flake is different. individual.
falling. and cold. and despite their individual weight, when they come together they are heavy.
i love snow. the sound of snow falling. the crisp of the air. the reflection of light in the snow.
how does one live where there is no snow?

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there is a storm coming

and i am praying for a blizzard for two days.
to stay home and sleep in. to drink hot tea and eat buttered toast.
to walk around all day in my pj’s. with earbuds in listening to music.
to sew all morning, take a nap and then crochet all afternoon.
to read and write and read some more.
i really really really need a blizzard.
but it won’t happen. because i adult now. geez.
so i dream about blizzards happening. and time at home.
watched all of the IF conference this past weekend. OMG.
and this woman… Jada Edwards. trust me, if you haven’t heard you need to.
like she put Romans 8:1 out there ~ right out there.
but she reminded us that doesn’t mean no conviction, no conflict, no consequences.
i listened to her three times.
ok… so blessings and safe driving tomorrow!!!

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weather and such

the Christmas tree is down, just today. all the decorations are put away. and the boxes and wrapping paper will wait for another year. I wonder what next Christmas will look like. so i pray.
the weather. unusually warm. I appreciate the sunshine, but the warmth creates other issues in this season. too many viruses to catch, flu season is gearing up, and it just isn’t right. where is my Ohio snow? where is my Ohio bitter cold?
work is interesting. i am freaking about a major report due and I am missing  a day of work this week so I get four days to work on it. actually three because it should be done by Friday. and then there is the sense that a major overhaul is coming in administration.
what is up with the country? I mean I usually don’t discuss politics but these people need to figure out how to get along to run the country, not to do things to spite each other. we didn’t elect them to play mean games. grow up.
i need a blizzard of epic proportion. like a week stuck in the house. i have tons of food. would like to have electricity, but if not, I have a grill and wood and super sleeping bags and tons of blankets. a girl can dream. How about you?


ice. snow. blustery wind.

we have it all here in north central Ohio. Yesterday morning I drove to work carrying my boots, gloves and scarf with me even though it was 54 degrees F. the warnings were out, the anticipation was there. Massive amounts of torrential rain with blustering wind turning to ice, then blowing snow then heavy snow. and they were right. Got an email we were to close at 1, then got a phone call at 1240 to close now as the rain was turning and the temps had already dropped from 54 to 33 degrees. so I packed up and trekked out. stopped at the GFS store fully expecting a huge crowd of crazy people and empty shelves! but… that was not to be – found coffee, cream, whole chickens to roast, needed veggies, and most essential- a loaf of whole wheat bread. Made it home with no issues.
What do you do with the gift of extra time? I could have used that time to work, but came home because I did not want to sleep there! Had roasted chicken for dinner with carrots and parsnips, made 2 coffee cakes for a funeral today the hubs has to attend to, labeling my yarn cards for my Woodland stripe blanket as my yarn came this week via Royal Air Mail from the Wool Warehouse , and will be doing other things today. Napping is one. Reading, writing, laundry, cleaning, watching The Smart Traveler and some baking shows too, and then who knows!
Stay safe! Stay warm! Jesus Reigns!!!!

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Spring ahead.

Time springs ahead, but the season is not keeping up. We have a winter watch with snow beginning tomorrow and through Wednesday. We don’t have what the east coast might get, but still, my forsythia was blooming but will get killed. I am afraid to check the lilacs, or the rhubarb, and all the little bulbs that broke open won’t survive either. No planting here this week, the ground is still too cold.
The moon is gorgeous here tonight, cold brisk clear and has a hazing around it. I love the moon. I would kind of like to get a blizzard ~ one that closes EVERYTHING so I get to stay home and sew and bake and crochet and clean and read and write. But… we shall see. Stay safe this week!!! Lent is  here and Jesus is Lord!!! Blessings.

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What is this???

~ the weather! how crazy is this????  it is so very warm and sunny and gorgeous!! will try to get the garden all put to rest.
~ the job.  can’t say enough…. i need out.  but there is a reason so I am thankful in the midst of trial and craziness.  I am blessed to be working so I cannot complain at all.
~ life….. there is so much to say, but not enough time.  I just pray I am doing what I am supposed to be doing for the Lord.