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Stay At Home

COVID19. the novel virus that has ordered all of us in my state to Stay At Home. to be 6′ from others. to not go to church. to only go out for groceries or to the pharmacy.
as a Nurse and someone that almost got her Master’s degree in Epidemiology and Public Health instead of Nursing Education – these are interesting times. very very interesting.
we keep hearing about Flattening the Curve ~ this is an attempt to keep the number of cases from rising… which is why some states are on lock down – asking everyone, telling everyone to stay home.
a novel virus – one that there is no vaccine for and no immunity for – just like the 1918 flu. we will survive this. yes there will be deaths, global numbers are already climbing. you can see those here.
and to know what is happening in Paris, check this young lady out. to think that all over the world we are fighting the same thing at the same time.
so what is God up to? we know He isn’t the creator of disease because we live in a fallen world, but He knows what is going to happen every minute of every day. and He knew about this.
so what is our response? are we fearful? are we tempted to hoard and hide? what if we just followed the civil law and still took care of each other? skype, WhatsApp, Google chat, FaceTime.. to see each other. to talk and laugh. to reassure that we can do this.
who would have thought? we Americans survived and lived through 9/11 that a microscopic virus would do this. thank you to our country – to the CDC and the NIH and to all those agencies that are caring for us.
pray for our elderly and the vulnerable. pray for our churches ~ especially the small ones that already were suffering as they may not make it through this. how can we be the church that Jesus wants us to be? that is what I ask myself.
so stay home! 6 feet distance if you have to go out! blessings!!!

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i have no words.

so I did my normal 6am grocery store/walmart run.
and I was shocked.
no toilet paper. no flour. no sugar. no paper towels. no cleaners.
they weren’t on my list but what has happened to people?
are they thinking that three weeks they will be stuck at home?
i remember gas lines in 1978 outside of DC where we lived.
i remember 9/11 when this didn’t happen at all.
what is the fear? and why is there fear?
wash your hands. really well. every time.
and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.
is it so much easier to panic instead of believing in the Trinity?
so i pray for all of us.
because if something more serious happened, what will the reaction be?
will we have people harming others based on something? a difference? a virus?
this has already happened in history. it is still happening in some countries.
here some believe killing the unborn is a right. never mind about the life they take.
so what can happen next? where is our compassion? where is our care for others? where is the Church of Christ?
let us be a people that stands for what is right and ethical.
for what Christ calls us to be.

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oh my

i cannot begin to explain this week.
the virus explosion.
how does one talk about this? or process this?
so just pray. for the world.
for several reasons:
1. they need Jesus.
2. the sick that need help
3. the lonely confused that need answers
4. the ones that think this virus isn’t as bad as it is.
because it is. it is that bad.
we all need to wash our hands.
and be diligent. be compassionate.
be like Jesus.
and pray.