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hot, hot, hot

It is the 7th of July and this week has been horrifically hot.  Still concerned for August.  My electric and water bills are going to be outrageous next month.  I have watered every day this week and every other day other wise.  The window AC has been on for a week as well because of the heat and humidity combo.  We all slept in the living room last night because of the heat on the 2nd floor.  Today is supposed to be the big day ~ potentially 99 degrees F and a heat index of 110 degrees F.  I have already been out, to the post office and home to stay, potentially in the living room for the rest of the day.

My Sam leaves next Thursday the 12th with Venture Expeditions for the ride to raise funds for the International Justice Mission to raise awareness for human trafficking.  Please pray and if you can give you can do it online.  The girls and I might head to DC to watch them ride in, if we can all get off work.