life as it is seen from my heart and soul

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so much to think on and talk about. yet, sometimes…. no speaking speaks volumes.
the act of being quiet. to quiet the mind and contemplate. to be still.
last weekend was a weekend of reading, talking, discussion and quiet.
it was good food, great fellowship with Jesus, and a sister in Christ.
the weekend before the big leave.
the weekend before the month of crazy at work.
the weekend before the time change.
the weekend to celebrate a birthday.
to give out of me and be the Titus 2 woman Jesus calls me to be.
to love and be loved.
we learned how to use watercolor pencils!!! so much fun!!
and we learned Jesus is there. always.
in the darkness of the night.
in the light of a cold day.
in the washing of feet.
in the act of waiting.
this pull to go back to Titus 2 and read what I am to do…
so I pray for what/who/where i am to go.
and they keep coming…. so i pray for my time to be used wisely for Him.
because there are so many. but He will provide the strength and the wisdom.
my high school girls will soon begin a new book with me… LIVE by Sadie Huff. so excited to start this!!!
and my John study sister. we must be more diligent about getting together.
a new one is my friend the doctor with three children, a hard working husband and the cost of being busy.
and then my girlies of Walk 71.. but especially the one that has kept coming back. so we are doing Fervent – because her questions are so many.
and we all pray. in our ways. to the One that made us, to the One that saves us.
and i ask to be that Titus 2 woman to glorify my Lord Jesus. to encourage love mold pray over listen to and be the woman of God i am to be to other women. because there is no replacement for sisters in Christ. none.