life as it is seen from my heart and soul

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what is He up to.

my Father. my King. my Jesus.
He keeps sending me women. to feed their minds, their hearts, their souls with Him.
i am up to five. i have my little trio from Emmaus.
and now i have my beautiful one from Chrysalis.
and this week. He reminded me of the one that thinks she knows it all, has it all.
three kids, husband, serious professional. but needs to remember her real true purpose in Him.
so make it is so Lord. the time needed. the words required. the strength to serve You in this role.
that You will provide the rest in Your Word. the revelation of what each one of them needs from You.
because Your Holiness is what we seek. You. and i want to do it all. for You.
what is He doing in your life?????