life as it is seen from my heart and soul

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the holidays and reflections

it is 2022. half way through January. life moves on.
no matter what is happening or not happening.
life on earth. this life.
i spent a good deal of time on my own in my short time off.
i miss my three small children here. or my three teenaged children.
the holidays are not the same. and that is life.
i don’t mean to be depressing, or sad, but it is this life on earth that is not mine.
i cry for what has gone by and i did not appreciate it at the time.
i miss my grandmothers so very much. more than i knew. more than i thought possible.
i try to listen for what God is teaching me in this time. because we do not know the days we have.
so keep trying to be like Christ to a world that is hurting so very much it hurts others.
stay strong in your faith because we are never ever alone. ever.
right now in this moment of time i have too many people fighting for their physical life: cancer, cancer, cancer. oh how i hate cancer.
so keep at it dear ones. keep reading Scripture. keep looking out for what God is doing around you.
remember you are not alone.

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the trick of time

oh daylight savings time ~ you cruel trick of time.
it might be lighter this evening but my mind will not think it the time it is.
and it will still be dark as i drive to work every morning.
there are many Cons of daylight savings time and few Pros.
so what is it about Time?
Lewis writes about Time in Mere Christianity and it makes me think.
really really think about the Presence of God in Time.
what is Time to God? is He not the Creator of Time?
was the Creation of Time for His purpose or mine?
the rhythm of Time and day & night.
the moon and the sun.
Lewis asks does God fit too many things into one moment of Time?
He writes the following: “Almost certainly God is not in Time. His life does not consist of moments following one another. If a million people are praying to Him at ten-thirty tonight, He need not listen to them all in that one little snippet which we call ten-thirty. Ten-thirty…is always the Present for Him.
so the Present in Time is always the Present for God.
Time is for me, not for God.
and my tiny pea-brain cannot comprehend this. how does this happen?
so does He see beginning and end at once?
oh my.
another thought from Lewis:
If you picture Time as a straight line along which we have to travel, then you must picture God as the whole page on which the line is drawn. We come to the parts of the line one by one: we have to leave A behind before we get to B, and cannot reach C until we leave B behind. God, from above or outside or all round, contains the whole line, and sees it all.”
so. Time is irrelevant to Jesus. but what does that mean for me?
my days are numbered. my Earthly days.
does Christ see it that way? does the Trinity move in and out of Time?
do i use my Time wisely here on Earth?
back to Light and Dark and now Time.
God sees it all. ALL.
and He is IN ALL.
so no matter the Dark, the Light, the Time my Father God is with me.
and in that, i will do my best. will you do yours?????

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40 degrees F here!

super excited to see snow and ice melting today. I realize that is a danger to some because of flooding, but maybe we will have five days without any snow!! woo-hoo!!!
but it is February already, which means January is gone. only 11/12ths of 2019 left. how does that happen? but if the earthly life is but a blink to the Lord, then the heavenly life will be never be boring or seem to go too fast. and if C.S. Lewis is correct, the colours will be amazing, like nothing we have ever seen before.
so during some of the snow I did the Marie Kondo thing known as the KonMarie method. watched several of her shows on Netflix. very very interesting. #SparkJoy. I am taking one room at a time right now. Holding off on the attic because that will take me a while. but I probably need to do it because we will be getting more things from the eldest before she moves to Paris. more stuff.
but right now, today, with the sun shining and 40 degree weather I stuck my head out and relished the fresh air and the birds at my feeders and the hope of Spring.

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Spring ahead.

Time springs ahead, but the season is not keeping up. We have a winter watch with snow beginning tomorrow and through Wednesday. We don’t have what the east coast might get, but still, my forsythia was blooming but will get killed. I am afraid to check the lilacs, or the rhubarb, and all the little bulbs that broke open won’t survive either. No planting here this week, the ground is still too cold.
The moon is gorgeous here tonight, cold brisk clear and has a hazing around it. I love the moon. I would kind of like to get a blizzard ~ one that closes EVERYTHING so I get to stay home and sew and bake and crochet and clean and read and write. But… we shall see. Stay safe this week!!! Lent is  here and Jesus is Lord!!! Blessings.