life as it is seen from my heart and soul

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mindless Friday

just another rainy day in Ohio. i think my yard is going to float away.
very hopeful tomorrow will be sunny. like real sunshine!!!
life happens even in a pandemic.
good and bad. happy and sad.
cancer. the Big C. Chemo. death. in two weeks a life has been radically turned around. and we watch and wait. do research. ask WHY?
children making bad choices – like so bad it affects their ability to live.
and in that choice their parents and sibling watch and try.
but in trying there is the trap of enabling a behaviour that is destructive.
so how does one choose to help?
boundaries. and tough love. and saying NO.
and ask WHY???
much like our global pandemic.
people are saying No to a mask or social distancing.
but at what cost? do they understand how their choice affects others?
that when they touch someone or something they can make another person so ill they might die.
i ask WHY???
but yet God. God the Almighty. God the All knowing. God the All Loving.
God knows everything. and He never leaves us. and He wants the best for us.
so we pray and pray and pray. for a pandemic… for children and choices…. for a world in need of the Saviour, Jesus Christ.
our hearts are heavy. our minds are tired.
and there is no answer to the WHY?
only God. only Jesus. only the Holy Spirit.
only faith in the One that saved me.

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ahhh, May.

May. but May in Ohio is tricky.
last frost date is possibly May 9th. BUT the night time temps show below 40 degrees through May 11th.
so be prepared!
the peas and lettuces are up. we had the first picking of asparagus with dinner tonight.
yellow squash and beans are next in.
and i dug the entire bed today that had wild onions in it. they were taking over because of their seeds last fall. major pain this spring. so i spent four hours in the garden digging, raking, pulling, tending.
and i wondered about the tending of my heart and soul by the Lord.
the weeds and wild things that try to take over.
that Christ cares for me to keep tending to me each minute of each day.
His Word, His care, His love.
and in the reminding He brought to mind a former hospice client I care for.
one without Him. and so i pray for all those that do not know Jesus.
because that death of that patient was so hard and difficult, full of regret and stress and anxiety and worry up to his last breath.
so help me Lord to tend myself as i tend to my gardens.
only He does it perfectly and in a way that will teach me to honour Him.

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the smell of Spring?

oh my. Sabbath walking. my gardens. my yard. my neighborhood.
i raked, picked up sticks, kept all of the crocuses (note pic) and looked in the vegetable beds.
the elderberries have buds!!! and there are bulbs peeking through the mulches. the chipmunk was out today as well.
i wondered if the remedy to keep us well might be fresh air, vitamin D, sunshine, and some garden work. and washing hands.
so now i dream about what to plant, where to plant it, and how much to plant. thank you Jesus for my gardens.
oh. and sunshine. and church today. and my hubby. and my family. and my job. and my sister. and Your Grace and Mercy.
it is a day to be thankful to the Lord. Blessings!!!

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40 degrees F here!

super excited to see snow and ice melting today. I realize that is a danger to some because of flooding, but maybe we will have five days without any snow!! woo-hoo!!!
but it is February already, which means January is gone. only 11/12ths of 2019 left. how does that happen? but if the earthly life is but a blink to the Lord, then the heavenly life will be never be boring or seem to go too fast. and if C.S. Lewis is correct, the colours will be amazing, like nothing we have ever seen before.
so during some of the snow I did the Marie Kondo thing known as the KonMarie method. watched several of her shows on Netflix. very very interesting. #SparkJoy. I am taking one room at a time right now. Holding off on the attic because that will take me a while. but I probably need to do it because we will be getting more things from the eldest before she moves to Paris. more stuff.
but right now, today, with the sun shining and 40 degree weather I stuck my head out and relished the fresh air and the birds at my feeders and the hope of Spring.