life as it is seen from my heart and soul

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life. it is shorter than we know.

oh life. i love you. the sunrise. the sunset. the green. the blue. the purple.
and food. i love food. who couldn’t like food?
earth, i love you. how is it you know? flowers. pizza. red peppers. green broccoli. yellow daisies. purple echinacea. dark chocolate. my little kia.
and beaches with fine sand. and dark soil with big fat worms. and the sounds. waves. birds singing. breezes moving.
oh life. joy. sadness. children. letting go. leaving. learning. heart wrenching.
and the end of days. learning lessons tonight in word and action and tears.
of a man fighting the evil one that is beating his physical body but not his soul. of a woman who keeps going no matter what the world hands her. what do i know? very little. i have wasted my days and squandered my words. what have i done with my time? at the end of my days what will happen?
oh life. infused with the Spirit of the Lord… help me to see and be You.