life as it is seen from my heart and soul

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snow. the perfect combination of cold and water.
and each flake is different. individual.
falling. and cold. and despite their individual weight, when they come together they are heavy.
i love snow. the sound of snow falling. the crisp of the air. the reflection of light in the snow.
how does one live where there is no snow?

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oh the promise of a blizzard!

… only because i am praying for one!!!
what? pray for a blizzard? oh yessssss.
i survived the blizzard of 1978 when most of you were twinkles.
and now i do want another one.
to stay home for five whole days. to hunker down in blankets with my love.
to bake breads and cookies and breathe in home. home. my home.
to tend to other things rather than work.
so every year now i ask Jesus for a blizzard. and every year He says no.
maybe He is planning one and teaching me patience.
this may take a while then.
but if i get one!!! oh Jesus!!!
i can read and write and paint and sew and crochet and maybe ~
just sit on the couch in the quiet and wait. and listen.
because snow makes noise. a beautiful soft crunchy noise.
or to go out in the garden and breathe in the cold and smell winter.
so. if you feel up to it, ask Jesus for a blizzard for me.
i know He has many other more important things to do.
but if my purpose is to be Holy i would like to be Holy in a blizzard.

there is so much more to say. so much about my little world.
but in the end it is all about people. and relationships.
work. family. friends. true friends in Christ.
culture, noise, politics, choices, money, food, air, water.
who will i care for? who can i help?
how much of myself will i give?
will i compromise my faith for culture? for political correctness?
will i abandon what i believe in to be accepted?
the numerous thoughts in my head that i don’t get on paper.
the 2am thoughts of my children. my faults.
my “if onlys”.
so …. maybe some day i will put them all here.
but not today.
today there is a roast in the oven cooking in cognac and red wine with garlic & leeks & carrots & onions & celery & butter & olive oil.
and there will be red mashed potatoes. and maybe a salad.
and there will be quiet.
blessings on your Shabbot. may you know the peace and joy of Christ in your hearts.

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if only you could be in my head.

you would think I was crazy. or maybe not.
this week… this is THE WEEK.
it is wedding week here. and my emotions are on overdrive.
work interrupts my sleep.
life needs to slow down.
people need to take responsibility for their actions or lack of action.
kinder and gentler. we all need to be more kind.
considerate. we all need to be more considerate of other’s circumstances.
more later.
oh… and the cold here is insane for this early in the season.

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3 day weekend

it has been a while. i was trying to write weekly but work got in the way.
and this weekend it is Winter storm Harper. Right now it isn’t snowing, but it is bitter cold. We got a foot of snow. It is heavy. and there are major drifts in the yard and driveway. City street crews haven’t been out yet. all the churches were closed most counties were on a level 2 snow emergency status or level 3. which 2 is go out if you need to and 3 is don’t go out unless going to your job. so we stayed home. i have cooked all weekend in the instant Pot and it has been great. chuck roast and carrots today, yesterday was baked potatoes, also did bone broth from chicken bones, and tomorrow i am trying a whole chicken. we shall see how it goes.
plus this whole weekend i have a head cold. it is horrible. i hate the rhinovirus.
so i have been drinking tea for 3 days now and will tomorrow.
watched Marie Kondo on Netflex this morning. excellent concept that I am going to try to put into practice as we need to declutter 40 years of stuff. Lord we are in trouble.
had an interesting week last week. and i am trying to process it. that one day a person can be understanding and caring and then in less than 24 hours be absolutely angry and spiteful. so i will keep praying and seeking some Holy Spirit wisdom.
the current temp is 8 degrees F and the wind chill is -8 degrees F. holy moly.
i am off to sew some, crochet some, read some. stay warm and safe!!!