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Heat wave again!!

Canned all day!  But when I went out to get tomatoes tonight I noticed our lilac tree has a large branch that appears completely dead from the drought.  Our smaller one is also drying up – leaves are curled, brown, and sad.  I fear for the farmers and store prices and food for everyone.
One week of school down and I may not survive this year.  What has happened to parents holding their children accountable for their actions?  Already I have several juniors making fun of another student in the lab.  I cannot believe they think they  have the right to treat others that way and want to go into  health care.
Grad school begins on Tuesday.  OMG, so many assignments, alot of reading, kind of scared.  so I am trying to stay up with everything else.
And there are other things… but some of it will stay in my heart.