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weekend and more

wellll… since my little hubby is gone … see here.  He has done 6 days on the bike with 3 to go.  3 of those days are 100 mile days.  Amazing. I cannot imagine what is going through his heart and mind.
and since he is gone I have no Friday night date.  Emmah and I are planning dinner and then to work in the attic.  I want to clean up a little and she wants to find the record player.  silly girl. the weather is absolutely crappy – cold, wet, blowing.  I might miss high school football, but on nights like this, I don’t miss it at all.
I have a ton of grad school work to do and work for class.  Lots of reading.  study for the next pathophys test.  laundry.  and do a few things around the house.  we shall see since Sam is gone.  I have a meeting all day tomorrow for Emmaus.  Emmah is going to see Sarah and have fun.
hope your weekend is a good one… blessings!!

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trying to recuperate from this head cold/allergies/ what ever it is.  Maybe because my Sam is gone I get sick.   please go check him out… big bike ride begins tomorrow… Present Hope is training them today in Joplin.   He sounded tired last night and I expect beginning tomorrow our conversations will be short, sweet and to the point.  and pray for him and the other pastors please.
otherwise I have studying, reading, grading, cleaning, laundry, and bills to do…. blessings all!!!

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what is God up to?

i am serving on a Women’s walk to Emmaus.  today was our first team meeting.  it is with some people i know, most i don’t.  it is the familiar songs of worship, Communion that brings my heart to my throat reminding me He loves me more than i comprehend, and the wonder of how can i do this and work and school and life?
Sam is busy with getting ready for the big tour de Tornado  … less than two weeks to go.
and today his mom is in the ER for an infection and potential blood clots in the leg.  what is God up to?