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i have a bazillion words running in my head. but my RPMs are running low and slow. we had a retreat… actually a short sabbatical. and it was refreshing.
what is it about expecting no expectations? and being told to rest. physically rest. mentally rest. to sleep in. that lunch and dinner are the only obligations for the week. Oh, and the 815pm banana split every night.
5 days. 25 degrees in the mornings, grey days, cool afternoons. the loons and the ducks on the lake. no bikes because we knew what the weather was supposed to do so there was no pressure to ride.
no internet. no cell service to speak of. no TV. no world. rest. and the most gracious host ever. The Shack in Michigan is amazing. Solid red pine log lodges. Gorgeous. Robinson Lake is beautiful. and quiet. and peaceful. because it was the first week of April there was no hot sun or stifling breeze. but there was blue sky with grey clouds and a chilly breeze. we were prepped for any weather so that didn’t matter.
Walked the trail. Went to the prayer room. Visited the museum. Slept in. Took a nap every afternoon. Read. Wrote. took my crocheting.
and rested. really rested.
our small group was great. we all have issues at our churches. we all have doubts and questions. it was great to share in that.
thank you BroomTree Ministries. you might have just saved us this year.

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resolutions. goals. words.

the last Sunday of 2018. we are spending it at home. cozy. warm. with Christmas Ale bacon & eggs & hash browns & english muffins & berries & hot coffee or tea.
Sabbath Rest.
we read. we are quiet. we listen. we watch.
I see many saying about New Year’s resolutions or goals or words. I never do any of that.
BUT (there is always a but), in my most recent readings two words keep jumping into my brain.
i look at these words. i write out their definitions. i say them to myself.
i do not want to think about what I will have to Surrender. or what i will have to Embrace. so i will try not to dwell on what they might mean for 2019.