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trying to recuperate from this head cold/allergies/ what ever it is.  Maybe because my Sam is gone I get sick.   please go check him out… big bike ride begins tomorrow… Present Hope is training them today in Joplin.   He sounded tired last night and I expect beginning tomorrow our conversations will be short, sweet and to the point.  and pray for him and the other pastors please.
otherwise I have studying, reading, grading, cleaning, laundry, and bills to do…. blessings all!!!

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home sick

It is the first day of Fall… my favorite season with Spring close behind.  I have a horrible headache, probably a sinus infection and maybe tired from getting my Sam off on his trip for Present Hope.  The cycling begins this Sunday with the biggest day being Tuesday the 27th at 100 miles.  Pray for strength and endurance.
Thoughts in my head while I was sleeping 13 hours last night:
after failing the 1st exam what if i have made a mistake about graduate school?
why do people use facebook as a blog?  I am tired of fbook.
i wonder what did Jesus think of all the people He got to meet… how He saw into their hearts knowing what they could be for the Kingdom. makes me wonder even more about why does He love me so much?
what is it about people that work to keep a job they aren’t good at?  why do people make excuses for other people who are doing a good job at their job when they know what is going on?
just because we filed bankruptcy does that make us stupid and irresponsible?  people have no idea that alot of time people file because of choices they could not take part in that affects them.  i feel it is the other people that are irresponsible because of what they do that forces others to do things they don’t want to do… kind of like the President.

WOW… rambling?  sinus drugs?  or is there a piece of truth in any of those late night thoughts?

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what is God up to?

i am serving on a Women’s walk to Emmaus.  today was our first team meeting.  it is with some people i know, most i don’t.  it is the familiar songs of worship, Communion that brings my heart to my throat reminding me He loves me more than i comprehend, and the wonder of how can i do this and work and school and life?
Sam is busy with getting ready for the big tour de Tornado  … less than two weeks to go.
and today his mom is in the ER for an infection and potential blood clots in the leg.  what is God up to?