life as it is seen from my heart and soul

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the crash and the Rescue

not a plane or a train or a car or a boat
but me.
online sitting in my office
the realization i am working four jobs at one time
and while my boss knows and cares
no one above us does. and IF they do they say nothing.
like not. one. word.
so i crashed. totally crashed and put it on social media.
and in that moment of being honest drama ~
i was Rescued.
completely wholly spiritually picked up and Rescued.
comments and messages and phone calls and emails.
asking What can we pray for? I am praying. We are praying.
the family of Christ. my One True Family.
i called out as David of old did and Christ in His infinite mercy and wisdom revealed Himself in my Family.
and i am totally on my knees in gratitude. and thankful.
how does one navigate life without a Holy God?
i saw it as a Hospice Nurse. i saw it in the hospital.
you can live without a Holy God but in the living for one’s self, you die with nothing. no Hope. no Compassion. nothing. Void.
you die as you lived – for yourself and in that there is no purpose but self.
you do not die well because you did not live well.
come be a part of my Family. come live with a Holy Purpose.
come see what Christ will do for you with you through you.
because there is more to this life than self.
and we need each other in a way that we have never needed before.
seek Christ. call on His Name.
know that no matter what you think you have done – His Love is greater.

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He is all I need

my readings lately have focused on one thing this summer: my relationship with Jesus.
and then yesterday life changed in an instant.
my beloved laid on the back porch and couldn’t move. and got sick.
and it didn’t stop.
so i called 911 and watched them take him away.
because in this COVID19 world you cannot be with your loved one in an ER.
and then they transported him to where he could see a neurologist.
and get an MRI.
i called my sisters in Christ. to pray. there are three Kelly’s, a Lori and then the Texas gang.
and Lori said He is all you need. you take each day and don’t worry what you have to do tomorrow. you wait and see what today brings. she came over this morning. and we had tea and toast. and prayed.
so i sat at the hospital today. watched him eat his clear liquids and prayed he kept them down. talked to the Neurologist twice.
watched him walk to the bathroom to see if he was any better.
read for a while. listened to music. and waited.
because He is enough. God the Father and Jesus my King and the Holy Spirit are enough. they are so much more than enough.
i do not need more than The Trinity. but right now… in the moment of what could happen – it was a most difficult thing to consider what might happen.
so help me Lord to always trust You are all I need.