life as it is seen from my heart and soul

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hope. life. souls.

I have been in my new position for just a year now. I cannot begin to explain what I have seen in people. I never thought at all, Never, that people would behave this way. Deceitful. Dishonesty. Mean spirited. Two faced. words I use to describe the evil one – who comes to crush steal and destroy the spirit. but now I have witnessed it where I work. It isn’t on television. It isn’t in the news.  It is where I work every day. and so now I am diligent to pray harder, to pray longer, to pray more. for protection, for the people I work with. because Jesus is King. and the evil one is a big loser.
oh Jesus, come to us. because You are Hope and Life and the only thing for their Souls.


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slow and steady

It is raining here…. we haven’t had rain in probably 4 weeks at least. my garden is drying up because of the lack of rain, the grasses are fading, and now today there is a slow steady rain. Our temperatures have dropped 20degrees as well compared to yesterday. This made for excellent temps in my kitchen this morning as I canned green beans. I went out early and picked tomatoes as well. Just canned pasta sauce last night. I need to get the potatoes dug up as well yet. Then the cleaning up and winterizing begins.
What are you up to today? I will be doing laundry, cleaning house, prepping for the weeks to come at work, reading, crocheting. I am waiting on new crochet  hooks to arrive!!  They are coloured and padded!!
The Lord is caring for us so well, but why would I expect anything different from the Creator of my soul? We are not sure what is going to happen next, but I am good with that. Waiting… gives me perspective, pushes me into His arms, forces me to depend on the grace and mercy of the King. Why could I not learn these things when I was younger? why? No answer but that THIS is the time for this lesson.
Praying for so many ~ please lift up Ruth, Andrea, Marla, Gina, Teresa, Kelly, Angie, Alex, Chase, Daniel, Ben, Rosalinda, Jed, and so many others. Life this side of Heaven is difficult.

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Chilly and grey

today is chilly and grey, unlike yesterday that had sunshine and warm air.  lost a tooth today, the whole thing. I’m wondering what else can happen?  maybe I don’t want to know. (like the rest of them falling out too)
cleaning some things up here at home.  working inside.  thinking. about life and God and Sovereignty.  how does He do it? i guess i don’t care really, just glad the Lord of Creation looks after me.  but this week I would like a sign.  and not my tooth falling out.
i am such a human – self centered, cranky, wanting more.  i am in such great need of mercy. Lent, it does that, reminds me of the nails i drove into His hands, the way i can deny Him with a look or a word, the stone over His grave like the stone in my heart.  i am hoping He will keep working at me, never giving up.
stay warm!!