life as it is seen from my heart and soul

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the Glorious Season of Christ

it is here. the Birth of my Saviour. the Celebration of the Son of God. but not everyone celebrates. there is sadness, death, illness, starvation, suicide. Humanity. we are so poor in spirit without the Saviour. so broken in everything. I want to shout sometimes ~ can you not see what He can do for your heart? your soul? your life?  GIVE IT ALL TO HIM. let the One that comes this time of year as a babe in a trough… let His weakness give you strength, let His humanness give you Grace, let His pure Love save you from yourself.
i had a work retreat today. i prayed the entire way there… let me be Generous in kindness Lord. let me be humble in giving Lord. let me be like You, Lord. these are well-versed people in using others, in thinking only of themselves, in not trusting. Lord, let me be today what they need.
there is a Babe in a manger waiting for you. there is a Morning Star hoping to shine His Glory through you. don’t wait… go now, speak your pain to Him, cry your tears into His Hands, leave yourself at the manger and see how it became the Cross and the Empty Tomb. go now. it is never too late.


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the death of death

that is what we heard in church today. Easter sabbath is about the death of death as Jesus is risen and alive. my life is not permanent on this Earth. i have said in the past and still hope that my job in heaven will be in the kitchen and in the garden. the smells, the colours, the sounds – i can hardly wait. earth is tiring.
so don’t wait on Jesus. He is waiting on you, searching for you, hoping you will say yes to Him.

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35 =

the # of years I have been married today. 35. I keep thinking how can I be married that long? How can it be 35 years??? I have had the last name Roepke longer than I had my  maiden name Love.  35 years. I am so grateful for my marriage. My husband loves me despite me. Through  the good, the bad, being well and being sick, being depressed, through children and miscarriages, through amazing ups and horrible downs. And in the center is God, the Lord of the Heavens that brought us together and has kept us together. Thank you Lord for my husband, his commitment, his faith and his love for me.

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things that are hidden

difficult week.  good week.  it is really hot here in Ohio and i have worked every day in the  garden.  there is one bed that is particularly full of maple tree roots because of soil that had been placed in it from the start.  it was the only bed i had to double dig this year.  the other 5 beds are all pretty good when it comes to loose soil and aeration.
one of the girls heard from their brother, which is good.  but since he up and left his job and apartment and life, he still can’t seem to walk in young adulthood.  so while i was digging in the garden, i always pray. for him  and the girls and Gabi in uganda and Sam as he is in training for his next bike ride this summer and life… all of it ~ the life we live on earth. for the Hope of Christ’s return and do away with the evil one here.  all of it.

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out on a limb

tired of the ‘church’ and of ‘government’ and of labels to identify sexual orientation ( that is truly a choice, not a birthright) especially when persons of color don’t want to be identified by their color and of people that want to kill unborn children no matter what their age, and tired of it all.  what happened to following the command to love?  just love. don’t ask questions, don’t judge, don’t ask questions.  just love.  feed their bodies, then feed their souls.  love their hearts, then love their souls.  it is not about stuff or clothes or being thinner or prettier or smarter.  it is about personhood and humanness and self respect and accountability and responsibility and LOVE.

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snowy day!

it is Friday and a storm blew in last night.  Snow, very bitter wind chill, and temps in the single digits.  Thought we would have a two hour delay, and we did, but then it turned into a closing!  Yeah God!   I just need to learn to say  ‘yeah God!’ to the storms in life ~ knowing that He cares for me in it all.  why is that so very hard?  My first week back to work after break and my trip to the Monastery was a storm I never expected.  Being home today I listened to Chip Ingram, his show is Living on the Edge.  I will listen to it again with his notes… about personal attack from Nehemiah.  He spoke that at times we do not need to defend ourselves, which in the attacks last week I did not respond with any type of defense.  Life is interesting.  I wonder where is Christ taking us?  What should my response be to each situation? I continually am reminded of the defense of  Love.  just Love.  Love.  Love.  I wonder.

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absolutely perfect fall day

it is here… today … in little ohio…. the sun is gloriously shining, the temperature is perfect, and the leaves are orange/red/yellow/gold and falling lightly.
my stove is on the self clean mode, the dishwasher is running, my youngest is still sleeping because of a busy stressful week, i got a date last night with my Sam up in Peninsula Ohio, and my other two children seem to be calm and doing okay.  I have a home, food, love, life, health, the Lord, and i am blessed.
there is work to do for my students, work for grad school, laundry, bills, cleaning, but right now ~ at this moment ~ the view from my kitchen table out to my garden is amazing and i am so very grateful for the love of my Lord.
i am praying your day is a reminder to you of what the Lord has done.  may you be blessed by your view.