life as it is seen from my heart and soul

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oh to tell the truth of our life

our life. full of ups and downs, rights and lefts, joys and sorrows. that is what life is about though as a believer in Jesus Christ and the Trinity of God.  we will live this life on earth to the best of our abilities in Jesus, clinging to Him. and right now we cling like a rock climber holding onto the small stones on the side of a cliff. we look up for the next steps He would have us take.
we have just returned home from a five day working retreat for pastors and their wives in the forests of Wisconsin. i cannot begin to tell how the Lord worked in our marriage and our hearts. He is prepping us for the next piece of the journey He has us on. and i will wait patiently not knowing anything about it, but knowing God the Father cares for us, Jesus has saved us and the Holy Spirit will lead us.
we left for the retreat knowing when we returned change was ahead. now we wait. it is not worrisome, it is not anxiously, it is waiting with the knowledge of His grace, peace, love and care. choices might be made for us, but God will use what ever happens for His blessing.


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New job, new office… new outlook.

New desk IMG_20140530_091048 View from my window IMG_20140530_103837

Here are some pictures from my very own office. I never had an office before.  Since I have a new job I got an office.  I am teaching nursing students!!!  I am so very excited! I know some people might say that it is ‘new job’ -itis or the honeymoon period which will wear off BUT I don’t think so. I am excited about the potential of the next day and the next day and the next.  I wonder what God is going to do next???


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it is life

life. how do we know what it will be like? how can we ever know the choices made will have such an impact on the tomorrows?  i struggle with this.  the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘ should i haves’.  somehow i need to stop feeling like a hamster on a wheel, but that is where it is right now – this life.  one day rolls into another with jobs and tasks and work and bills and expectations.  there are no others in this life but me.  it is each second ticking into the next one with financial pressures, job pressure.   life.
oh that i could see the eternal plan or how He sees me.  that i might know deep in my heart i have not been such a selfish foolish person.  to understand the Heavenly perspective would bring such soothing.  but i cannot and it is about trust.  this life is about trust.

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things that are hidden

difficult week.  good week.  it is really hot here in Ohio and i have worked every day in the  garden.  there is one bed that is particularly full of maple tree roots because of soil that had been placed in it from the start.  it was the only bed i had to double dig this year.  the other 5 beds are all pretty good when it comes to loose soil and aeration.
one of the girls heard from their brother, which is good.  but since he up and left his job and apartment and life, he still can’t seem to walk in young adulthood.  so while i was digging in the garden, i always pray. for him  and the girls and Gabi in uganda and Sam as he is in training for his next bike ride this summer and life… all of it ~ the life we live on earth. for the Hope of Christ’s return and do away with the evil one here.  all of it.

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absolutely perfect fall day

it is here… today … in little ohio…. the sun is gloriously shining, the temperature is perfect, and the leaves are orange/red/yellow/gold and falling lightly.
my stove is on the self clean mode, the dishwasher is running, my youngest is still sleeping because of a busy stressful week, i got a date last night with my Sam up in Peninsula Ohio, and my other two children seem to be calm and doing okay.  I have a home, food, love, life, health, the Lord, and i am blessed.
there is work to do for my students, work for grad school, laundry, bills, cleaning, but right now ~ at this moment ~ the view from my kitchen table out to my garden is amazing and i am so very grateful for the love of my Lord.
i am praying your day is a reminder to you of what the Lord has done.  may you be blessed by your view.

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friday nites

…used to be date night with my hubby.  but since he got on a bike I don’t think he will ever be home again on a friday night.  and that is okay.  it is amazing what has been going on with him.  and i have lots to do here.
like grad school is going to fry my brain!  i will be happy with a C in pathophysiology.  i hate admitting that, but it is the absolute truth.
i should be paying bills, but here i am… and listening to Matt Redman .  He has a new disc entitled 10,000 Reasons.  it is amazing.  amazing. that man is so talented.  i sure hope he is in charge of the choir in heaven.
my youngest had her wisdom teeth out this week. so the oldest daughter came up to help out today and is upstairs.  she is looking through boxes of her life… high school, France, college.  girls are all home.  i am blessed.
makes me want to cry.  i want my babies back.  but only if i keep all the knowledge i have now.  i want their sweet little smiles, their fat little hands, their padded feet.  i want to sit on the floor and play.  i want to push them on a swing.  i want to build a tent in the house on a rainy day.  oh the fun we had.  i am so glad i got to stay home.
but … the bills and the laundry and the reading grad school books are calling… so hope your weekend is a good one… enjoy each moment.