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days and nights

It is ‘spring break’ at my job, but it doesn’t feel like Spring. Snow and cold winds for the last two days and today is grey and gloomy,  with snow spitting mixed with rain. I will work some over break at the office. I get so much more accomplished with no students there and most of the faculty gone. I am reading the She Reads Truth Lenten study with my Sarah for Easter preparation. If you haven’t read any of their blog, you should. The other study that has been thought provoking is from First 5. It is an app and is wonderful for being able to read anywhere.
My Sarah is coming home tomorrow and will be here until Wednesday morning. I am excited!!!  She wants to go to West Side Market on Monday, so we will get up early and head north to eat breakfast there and be foodies. Hoping to find some lamb for Easter and something good for dinner. Tuesday the plan is to head to Kidron and shop at Lehman’s. We will also head to quilt stores, material stores, and lunch. Excited for the days we will spend together. When she heads home on Wednesday I will head to work.
Hope your weekend is a good one! Blessings!!

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Chilly and grey

today is chilly and grey, unlike yesterday that had sunshine and warm air.  lost a tooth today, the whole thing. I’m wondering what else can happen?  maybe I don’t want to know. (like the rest of them falling out too)
cleaning some things up here at home.  working inside.  thinking. about life and God and Sovereignty.  how does He do it? i guess i don’t care really, just glad the Lord of Creation looks after me.  but this week I would like a sign.  and not my tooth falling out.
i am such a human – self centered, cranky, wanting more.  i am in such great need of mercy. Lent, it does that, reminds me of the nails i drove into His hands, the way i can deny Him with a look or a word, the stone over His grave like the stone in my heart.  i am hoping He will keep working at me, never giving up.
stay warm!!