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Last Semester

The last semester of graduate school…. and I am wondering about my choices.  Very concerned about getting a job at the college level and if I do it will involve a major cut in finances.  I know ~ the Lord is in charge, He wants me to be steadfast in Him, but this side of Heaven is very difficult.
I question my current job – what good am I as an instructor if they won’t take responsibility for their actions?  Their lack of study, lack of listening, unwillingness to take notes or be accountable?  If I do teach college will the students there be the same?  Only wanting to be spoon fed the information, not willing to search for an answer or do the hard work?  The state expects teachers to be wizards – somehow get the student to study, test well, be responsible despite their  home life, their personal choices, all the things I have no control over.
There is much to be done over the next 16 weeks… so off I go!!!

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summer is here… as of June 20th… but it has been here longer than that.  Temps here in Ohio have been in the 90’s and some of the garden and flowers are ahead of schedule.  Other things got frosted in late May and had to be replanted.  The older I am the more I detest the hot, humid, and hazy Ohio weather.  We do not have air conditioning and my husband likes the hot weather.  We are opposites in this area and he really doesn’t get it. and because of my age I sweat like crazy and get really grouchy.  ugghhhh.

June is the month I try to do very little school related work.  So far it has worked. I have the garden looking good and mulched.  I will continue to mulch as best I can. and the soaker hoses are out as well.  I have also been working on cleaning out rooms and spaces. I did not make a list this year and am working within each room as I get it done. Also got the pantry downstairs straightened and ready for new canned food.

I will be visiting new Juniors the month of July as well as doing a 3 day workshop on the SMART board.  I also have to go over the new text books I will be using for the college articulation classes I teach (anatomy/physiology, medical terminology, and a state class for nurse aides).
Grad school begins August 27th with orientation on the 13th.  I am excited to begin the last part.. 2 years to go!!  I am just praying for a job teaching college.. God has brought me this far so I know He has the best in mind for me.

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friday nites

…used to be date night with my hubby.  but since he got on a bike I don’t think he will ever be home again on a friday night.  and that is okay.  it is amazing what has been going on with him.  and i have lots to do here.
like grad school is going to fry my brain!  i will be happy with a C in pathophysiology.  i hate admitting that, but it is the absolute truth.
i should be paying bills, but here i am… and listening to Matt Redman .  He has a new disc entitled 10,000 Reasons.  it is amazing.  amazing. that man is so talented.  i sure hope he is in charge of the choir in heaven.
my youngest had her wisdom teeth out this week. so the oldest daughter came up to help out today and is upstairs.  she is looking through boxes of her life… high school, France, college.  girls are all home.  i am blessed.
makes me want to cry.  i want my babies back.  but only if i keep all the knowledge i have now.  i want their sweet little smiles, their fat little hands, their padded feet.  i want to sit on the floor and play.  i want to push them on a swing.  i want to build a tent in the house on a rainy day.  oh the fun we had.  i am so glad i got to stay home.
but … the bills and the laundry and the reading grad school books are calling… so hope your weekend is a good one… enjoy each moment.