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and who will you love?

much on my mind this week. so many words, never enough time.
thinking of the upcoming holidays and Holy Days.
the cold weather looming around us soon.
will we love each other enough to give up some of our warmth and our food and our inner self?
for years i guarded my heart by holding onto my traditions and loved ones and expectations.
but now.. now in the light of Truth and real Love i know that to love others is to give self away, to not hold on to anyone and to really let go of expectations.
this allows love, my love for others, to seep out and take over.
let me love like Jesus. without expectation, without grabbing & holding on, without asking for anything back.
who will you love?

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it isn’t about what i don’t have

it is about what i have.  i sit here thinking of what i cannot give this year because we don’t have the money or the time, mostly money.  and i am cut to the quick thinking that over 2000 years ago a woman rode a donkey into Bethlehem with her husband at her side and they carried all they owned with them, and she carried the most precious Gift i could ever possess.  and my friend in Uganda with three girls with almost nothing as well – loving them, caring for them, giving them a home and hope in Christ – i am ashamed.

so what do i have?  on this cold blustery day here i have a home, heat, food, clothing, clean water, a husband that loves me, my three children, but mostly i have the knowledge that i am nothing without Christ and He is all i should need or want.  i have more than i need.  i am blessed beyond my mind and heart so i need to suck it up and give what i can, not what i want to give. blessings all.