life as it is seen from my heart and soul

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last day of cold

the weather man said that this morning was the last morning of cold until October!
no more frost. no more covering up the plants. no more.
OMG…. that means i can plant my veggies.
garlic is up. rhubarb is up. asparagus is up. peas and lettuces are up.
time in the garden. time in the soil. digging. planting. weeding.
contemplating. wondering. praying. listening.
Friday. come find me in the garden, unless of course it is raining.
I. Can. Hardly. Wait.
thank you Jesus for my garden.

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ahhh, May.

May. but May in Ohio is tricky.
last frost date is possibly May 9th. BUT the night time temps show below 40 degrees through May 11th.
so be prepared!
the peas and lettuces are up. we had the first picking of asparagus with dinner tonight.
yellow squash and beans are next in.
and i dug the entire bed today that had wild onions in it. they were taking over because of their seeds last fall. major pain this spring. so i spent four hours in the garden digging, raking, pulling, tending.
and i wondered about the tending of my heart and soul by the Lord.
the weeds and wild things that try to take over.
that Christ cares for me to keep tending to me each minute of each day.
His Word, His care, His love.
and in the reminding He brought to mind a former hospice client I care for.
one without Him. and so i pray for all those that do not know Jesus.
because that death of that patient was so hard and difficult, full of regret and stress and anxiety and worry up to his last breath.
so help me Lord to tend myself as i tend to my gardens.
only He does it perfectly and in a way that will teach me to honour Him.

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the smell of Spring?

oh my. Sabbath walking. my gardens. my yard. my neighborhood.
i raked, picked up sticks, kept all of the crocuses (note pic) and looked in the vegetable beds.
the elderberries have buds!!! and there are bulbs peeking through the mulches. the chipmunk was out today as well.
i wondered if the remedy to keep us well might be fresh air, vitamin D, sunshine, and some garden work. and washing hands.
so now i dream about what to plant, where to plant it, and how much to plant. thank you Jesus for my gardens.
oh. and sunshine. and church today. and my hubby. and my family. and my job. and my sister. and Your Grace and Mercy.
it is a day to be thankful to the Lord. Blessings!!!

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about life. about summer. about weather. and the garden. and the crops.
how does a farmer do it? complete trust in what God provides.
we are 6 weeks behind here on crops. my garden looks good despite the cold temps we have had here.
and the rain continues. while other places are dry, we are soggy wet.

life moves on. in rhythmical 24 hours sun and moon seasons of life.
but to continue in grief. and pain. and sorrow.
to help a young woman in her last days. to bear pain and yet live each day, each hour. and to go home.

work. how does one talk about work? i need my job. i can’t do my job. pretty sure even if i lived at my office i wouldn’t be able to get the work done. and that bothers me. Servant Leadership. the theme keeps repeating in my reading, my conversations, my thoughts. why is it that those at the top do not get it? micromanaging doesn’t work. ever.

and children. oh the Lord does not tell you what it is about having children. you think they need you more when they are small and innocent and learning. not true. they need you more when they are 13 and 25 and 32 and on. and it breaks your heart still. because of Love.

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Is it here? Is it almost summer?
it is June. June, Glorious June.
everything in my garden is up ~ green beans, heirloom tomato seeds, yellow squash, paste tomatoes, cutting tomatoes, snow peas, little yellow plum tomatoes, yellow and orange peppers, and lettuces.
i also planted more mint, rosemary, greek oregano, and lots of basil.
annuals this year are marigolds, sunflowers, celeosia, impatiens, petunias, and some ornamental vines.
BUT… the farmers here. Pray for the farmers. Ohio corn is normally ‘knee high by the 4th of July’ but not this year due to the rains. this year they are at least 5 weeks behind planting. there are some fields that aren’t planted yet. and then the fields with corn it looks like the plants are maybe 6″ high.
and there are no peaches here in Ohio… so pray for the fruit farmers as well. i am hopeful for the apple crops.
my red raspberry bushes are growing! and the elderberry bushes are doing well. the asparagus did well in April and May, but we are done cutting and letting it grow and feed the roots.
there is probably another cutting from the rhubarb. i have made one berry rhubarb crumble. pie is next!
and life goes on. work goes on. each day goes on. and i wonder what God thinks. we are doing Daniel in church for a sermon series and wow… humanity hasn’t changed one bit. i wonder what would happen if someone changed into a wild animal because they were to self centered and did not do what God asked them to? what would people think or say?
so i keep praying for me, my heart, my tongue, my thoughts, how i treat others. to be the Light. what are you praying for?

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one week later….

and ALOT has happened in this week.
much more than needs to be discussed in a blog.
so i sit here sweating like crazy as I am just in from the garden. it is 83 degrees but feels like 89 degrees because of the humidity.
so time to catch all of you up.
last weekend was the Michigan weekend with my Emmie. she had asked for a mom-daughter weekend about 6 weeks ago and i said Yes.. so i found an airbnb in Douglas Michigan and we had a great time. Slept in, had great food at great restaurants, went and saw Avengers: EndGame again, and had too much fun! Saugatuck was delightful… massages and facials were amazing, breakfast at Pumpernickels was fabulous on our last morning. it was relaxing and not too busy. hoping it was what she wanted.

this week. work. work work. i was off Thursday for some personal care. recovered by sleeping all day Thursday and some of Friday.

and now here we are with Memorial Day weekend.
Honour. Remember. Never Forget.
I am free because of those that have gone before and given their lives for our country. They have made the eternal sacrifice so that I can vote, and go to church and speak my mind if I chose to. Why would we not honour them?

i have been in my garden most of the morning and afternoon. went back to Honey Haven and got tomatoes, peppers, more marigolds, and some other things. my seeds are up – peas, tomato plants, lettuces. i will get the squashes in because i totally forgot to plant them. only doing yellow squash this year.

i have a list a mile long for the next two days… but it will be what it is.

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Spring ahead.

Time springs ahead, but the season is not keeping up. We have a winter watch with snow beginning tomorrow and through Wednesday. We don’t have what the east coast might get, but still, my forsythia was blooming but will get killed. I am afraid to check the lilacs, or the rhubarb, and all the little bulbs that broke open won’t survive either. No planting here this week, the ground is still too cold.
The moon is gorgeous here tonight, cold brisk clear and has a hazing around it. I love the moon. I would kind of like to get a blizzard ~ one that closes EVERYTHING so I get to stay home and sew and bake and crochet and clean and read and write. But… we shall see. Stay safe this week!!! Lent is  here and Jesus is Lord!!! Blessings.

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mid July

looked at the calendar this morning…. there is 4 weeks to the start of school full time. I have too much to do and not enough time, always that way. Tons of rain here, but no flooding yet, more is coming this week. I have the tomatoes tied up, the food sprinkled in the soil and foliage sprayed with leaf food. The geraniums have been trimmed of yellow leaves, musty flower heads and dead stems. I have most of the peaches canned into jam, but will be canning the rest today in light syrup.  And my beans are looking amazing, so I will be canning beans like crazy in a few weeks, probably just in time for hotter weather!!!  Lettuces look good even though they got in late.
and life. Life in Jesus. life as a Christian.  one day at a time, seeing what others say and do. Love. how does one love NO MATTER WHAT? Love, the command that Christ gave to each of us. Love.

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Heat wave again!!

Canned all day!  But when I went out to get tomatoes tonight I noticed our lilac tree has a large branch that appears completely dead from the drought.  Our smaller one is also drying up – leaves are curled, brown, and sad.  I fear for the farmers and store prices and food for everyone.
One week of school down and I may not survive this year.  What has happened to parents holding their children accountable for their actions?  Already I have several juniors making fun of another student in the lab.  I cannot believe they think they  have the right to treat others that way and want to go into  health care.
Grad school begins on Tuesday.  OMG, so many assignments, alot of reading, kind of scared.  so I am trying to stay up with everything else.
And there are other things… but some of it will stay in my heart.

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summer is here… as of June 20th… but it has been here longer than that.  Temps here in Ohio have been in the 90’s and some of the garden and flowers are ahead of schedule.  Other things got frosted in late May and had to be replanted.  The older I am the more I detest the hot, humid, and hazy Ohio weather.  We do not have air conditioning and my husband likes the hot weather.  We are opposites in this area and he really doesn’t get it. and because of my age I sweat like crazy and get really grouchy.  ugghhhh.

June is the month I try to do very little school related work.  So far it has worked. I have the garden looking good and mulched.  I will continue to mulch as best I can. and the soaker hoses are out as well.  I have also been working on cleaning out rooms and spaces. I did not make a list this year and am working within each room as I get it done. Also got the pantry downstairs straightened and ready for new canned food.

I will be visiting new Juniors the month of July as well as doing a 3 day workshop on the SMART board.  I also have to go over the new text books I will be using for the college articulation classes I teach (anatomy/physiology, medical terminology, and a state class for nurse aides).
Grad school begins August 27th with orientation on the 13th.  I am excited to begin the last part.. 2 years to go!!  I am just praying for a job teaching college.. God has brought me this far so I know He has the best in mind for me.