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one week later….

and ALOT has happened in this week.
much more than needs to be discussed in a blog.
so i sit here sweating like crazy as I am just in from the garden. it is 83 degrees but feels like 89 degrees because of the humidity.
so time to catch all of you up.
last weekend was the Michigan weekend with my Emmie. she had asked for a mom-daughter weekend about 6 weeks ago and i said Yes.. so i found an airbnb in Douglas Michigan and we had a great time. Slept in, had great food at great restaurants, went and saw Avengers: EndGame again, and had too much fun! Saugatuck was delightful… massages and facials were amazing, breakfast at Pumpernickels was fabulous on our last morning. it was relaxing and not too busy. hoping it was what she wanted.

this week. work. work work. i was off Thursday for some personal care. recovered by sleeping all day Thursday and some of Friday.

and now here we are with Memorial Day weekend.
Honour. Remember. Never Forget.
I am free because of those that have gone before and given their lives for our country. They have made the eternal sacrifice so that I can vote, and go to church and speak my mind if I chose to. Why would we not honour them?

i have been in my garden most of the morning and afternoon. went back to Honey Haven and got tomatoes, peppers, more marigolds, and some other things. my seeds are up – peas, tomato plants, lettuces. i will get the squashes in because i totally forgot to plant them. only doing yellow squash this year.

i have a list a mile long for the next two days… but it will be what it is.