life as it is seen from my heart and soul

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i bought my ticket before i knew what was going to happen at work.
so yesterday when I was supposed to be off but I was working and didn’t get it all done i was wrestling as to whether i should go today or not.
did i multitask? you bet i did.
while I was taking notes and being convicted to my core
i canned another 14 jars of tomato paste and watered the side flower beds and cooked a 1/2 bushel of tomatoes and then canned 7 pints of pasta sauce. there are more tomatoes to cook and pasta sauce and pizza sauce to can.
but i didn’t get my work work done. and i might pay for that.
but tonight i am hot and tired and weary. and i have been fed in my spirit.
Can we persevere well?
that was the question to start the day. oh my.
and then the day kept going with worship and the Word and so many notes.
and there sat my work. and guess what.
i am okay with that.
because today i heard many things that my Saviour speaks of:
my trust needs to be in the Lord
my confidence is the Lord
my portion is secure in Christ
my lot is secure in Christ
humility is my superpower
this is a goodhard life
in Christ i can walk through the tension of affliction
keep face to face with Christ and wrestle through
the gift of joy we receive is to give it back to Him in praise and gratitude
my ultimate allegiance is to Christ alone
do not lead from wounding but lead from healing
abide in Christ and allow the Shepherd to hold me in His arms
submission is how i make God’s glory my priority
in Spirit and in Truth ask for insight into His Word

so thank you Jennie Allen, Dr. Anita Phillips, Katherine Wolfe, Shelly Giglio, Chrystal Evans Hurst, Beth Moore, Angie Smith, Eugene Cho, John Mark Comer, Ann Voskamp, Jada Edwards and Christine Caine.
thank you iFLead2020.