life as it is seen from my heart and soul

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what is your story of Resurrection?
of when you heard the Holy Spirit in your heart and knew that Jesus was your Saviour?
because today is the day we celebrate the death of death in the death of Christ.
He rose from the earthly physical grave and defeated death.
His death was for me. (and you).
because of my sin, He died. He was perfect. Perfect.
He loved everyone no matter how they treated Him.
He commanded us to love. Love.
Love with no expectation. and i fail miserably at it.
i was 16 and had one of my Young Life leaders for lunch.
my family was moving. and she talked to me about Jesus.
and i got on my knees and said Yes to Christ.
which was a good thing because my life drastically changed.
my family imploded.
but God my Father was with me. i can see it like it was yesterday.
only that was 48 years ago.
little did i know the journey He would put me on.
the ups. the downs. the choices that would be before me.
i am so grateful for His mercy and love of me.
Christ is Risen!!! He is Risen Indeed!!!!

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Greek Orthodox Easter

He is Risen!!
and He is caring for us in ways we never thought possible.
and I am sure there are many that wonder how?
how is this His care when we are at home, without work, no food. sick. potentially dying.
but He is.
because this fall i am sure i will be losing one-quarter to one half of my income and potentially my job. and my spouse is losing income and maybe his job. this fall it will be harder… not just right now, but in several months.
there is no guarantee in this life. none. and at my age and with my life i understand that this earth isn’t the end of my life.
i have a better home with Jesus in Heaven.
so. i trust Him each day. to wake me up. to get me going. to allow me to breathe in air and work and talk and live life in His purposes.
it isn’t about stuff…. life is about relationships on Earth and in Heaven.
people. family. friends. coworkers.
we may not be able to hug each other and we might have to stay 6 feet apart. but to see them in person and not on their computer… oh my.
so be safe. wear your mask. wash your hands.
and know that God is in the midst of all of this ~ teaching us to truly depend on Him and Him alone for everything.

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it is Wednesday

so, now that you know what day of the week it is, how are you?
are you weary? are you scared? are you tired? are you alone?
this pandemic. the new words we all use now. life as it is.
I have talked to the elderly and the young, to my children, to my coworkers, to my sister, to my friends.
No one has any words for life as it is now.
So I get up each day – later than normal, shower, get dressed, drink my hot tea, and head to my office upstairs.
where I sit all day on my computer, or both of my computers.
my contacts dry out. I sit in zoom meetings with coworkers as we attempt to figure out the next steps.
but we cannot make any assumption except that things can change rapidly.
faster than ever thought.
because of a silent virus that lives for a long time. that infects someone and they have no symptoms. a virus that might have been created by man.

and we take one minute in each day. to discover that we are not in charge.
that no matter how much you attempt to micromanage anything, you can’t.
because this past Sunday, Easter Sunday, the Son of God rose from the dead and conquered death.
because God, His Father, is in charge of everything… except man’s free will.
choices. the choices we make. in life. with relationships. with ourselves.
God allows us to decide. and then He still chases us towards Him.
because of His love. His love for us. for you and me.
so…if this whole thing has you in despair or anxious or depressed – let Jesus into your heart. let Him know your thoughts. run to Him, let Him hold you, let Him comfort you in this stressful time.
i don’t know what each day will bring. i don’t if i or someone i love will get COVID19. i don’t know much. but i know that God my Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit are with me. and they can be with you. I am NOT alone. and neither are you.
so blessings… be thankful for each day. for each breath. for each sunrise.