life as it is seen from my heart and soul

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today is yesterday. & Jesus really is there.

obviously i did not get back on after the post on July 10th. so today is the post for the 11th. 🙂
i was supposed to be off last week. like vacation. but that didn’t happen.
and i kind of was off. no work phone, no one interrupting my office work time.
i did go to several important quarterly meetings. and answered emails.
email. the bane of my job. holy cow. why do people email you the dumbest stuff?
watched the Tour de France everyday and am dying at what is going on. OMG.
thursday was absolutely CRAZY. between the mountains and the chasing it was NUTS.
worked in the gardens and beds. weeded. picked beans and yellow small tomatoes.
waiting on yellow squash… rather impatiently.
did the jaysgarden thing in one of my flower beds. cleared some items, laid layers of cardboard.
laid a layer of my black gold compost. laid vermiculite and soil, then added flower seeds.
and the seeds have sprouted!!! I am so excited about this.
i will now always use her way of creating beds, filling beds and then planting or seeding the bed.
she is the bomb of a gardener and shares her tips and tricks.
you can follow her on IG as well. highly highly recommended.
other things.
cincinnati with Beth Moore. you don’t know her?
well, if you are looking for Biblically sound, Scripturally based studies of the Word of God – find her.
she is on IG and Twitter. she is NOT on facebook for very very good reasons. look it up.
love love love her teaching. love her ability to give it to me straight – like she is reading my soul.
and this weekend was no exception. my storehouse. from my heart.
the BIG question: what is in my storehouse? am i filling it from the Lord’s heart???
oh holy conviction. slain. totally. and the worship. THE WORSHIP OF JESUS.
add in craziness with a sister in Christ – fabulous food (pic is from @funnelcakeisland) , great shopping adventures, midnight trains.
the willingness to journey anywhere, to not be afraid to try the new things, go where ever with me & i with her.
and getting locked out of our Airbnb house. OMG… what a freaking night.
short story. got done with the conference on Friday at 930. our house was 4 minutes from the church.
i am getting my stuff out of the car, she heads to the porch to unlock the keypad.
i get to the door. she says I locked the door. i say i thought you put the code in?
she says No i locked the regular door handle WHICH WE DON’T HAVE A KEY FOR.
she panics. full blown OMG we can’t get in the house. and it is dark. and a strange place.
so… we both start on our phones. i message the host. (that is another story).
i call the help center for Airbnb. (their special services did not call me back until almost 24 hours later).
in the end i said, ok, let’s give it 20 more minutes, go sit in the car and wait. she agreed.
we get in the car. she is still going a little nuts. i said give me your hand.
and i prayed. OK God – you know what is going on. You know we need to get in the house.
so whatever lesson we need to learn -teach us NOW. help us to be calm, help us to depend only on YOU God. thank you for this weekend. thank you for taking care of us no matter what. in Jesus, amen.
and right then the host messaged me and we got the hidden door key and got in.
so… what lesson did we need to learn?
she said she learned she is NOT in charge of ANYTHING.
i learned again that God takes care of my EVERY NEED. no matter what no matter when.
Jesus is there ALL THE TIME, EVERY TIME.
YOU can depend on HIM.
and it was FABULOUS to learn the same lesson over again for us both.
blessings dear ones. be safe. stay well. Trust in God – you cannot go wrong with the Trinity.

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Greek Orthodox Easter

He is Risen!!
and He is caring for us in ways we never thought possible.
and I am sure there are many that wonder how?
how is this His care when we are at home, without work, no food. sick. potentially dying.
but He is.
because this fall i am sure i will be losing one-quarter to one half of my income and potentially my job. and my spouse is losing income and maybe his job. this fall it will be harder… not just right now, but in several months.
there is no guarantee in this life. none. and at my age and with my life i understand that this earth isn’t the end of my life.
i have a better home with Jesus in Heaven.
so. i trust Him each day. to wake me up. to get me going. to allow me to breathe in air and work and talk and live life in His purposes.
it isn’t about stuff…. life is about relationships on Earth and in Heaven.
people. family. friends. coworkers.
we may not be able to hug each other and we might have to stay 6 feet apart. but to see them in person and not on their computer… oh my.
so be safe. wear your mask. wash your hands.
and know that God is in the midst of all of this ~ teaching us to truly depend on Him and Him alone for everything.

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slow and steady

It is raining here…. we haven’t had rain in probably 4 weeks at least. my garden is drying up because of the lack of rain, the grasses are fading, and now today there is a slow steady rain. Our temperatures have dropped 20degrees as well compared to yesterday. This made for excellent temps in my kitchen this morning as I canned green beans. I went out early and picked tomatoes as well. Just canned pasta sauce last night. I need to get the potatoes dug up as well yet. Then the cleaning up and winterizing begins.
What are you up to today? I will be doing laundry, cleaning house, prepping for the weeks to come at work, reading, crocheting. I am waiting on new crochet  hooks to arrive!!  They are coloured and padded!!
The Lord is caring for us so well, but why would I expect anything different from the Creator of my soul? We are not sure what is going to happen next, but I am good with that. Waiting… gives me perspective, pushes me into His arms, forces me to depend on the grace and mercy of the King. Why could I not learn these things when I was younger? why? No answer but that THIS is the time for this lesson.
Praying for so many ~ please lift up Ruth, Andrea, Marla, Gina, Teresa, Kelly, Angie, Alex, Chase, Daniel, Ben, Rosalinda, Jed, and so many others. Life this side of Heaven is difficult.