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Palm Sunday

and our new normal. of being isolated. at home alone.
here in Ohio we are blessed to have Governor DeWine and Dr. Amy Acton leading the charge in the COVID19 fight. and let me tell you Dr. Acton is a Godsend to us Buckeyes. Every day except the Sabbath they have a 2pm news conference to keep us informed, updated, and tell us what the new rules are.
there are those that are complaining about the rules. they question Why should we allow them to make these regulations? What gives them the authority to tell us what to do and when to do it? Aren’t we becoming socialists or communists or some ism – to quote Ferris Buehler.
and I want to say to these people Can you not see that they are trying to keep us ALIVE? trying to prevent Ohioans from dying. which then preserves our freedoms. Economic, Spiritual, Political, Physical, Mental.
there are currently at this moment 1.2 million cases of COVID19 globally. In the entire world. the WORLD is fighting this virus. and it is ravaging political, economic and governmental systems. no, I do not believe anything the Chinese government says. I wonder if they even know actual numbers of cases and deaths. but for now that doesn’t matter – because what used to be isn’t anymore. what we thought about our day our schedule our lives has completely changed.
and yet ~ Jesus is entering Jerusalem today on a donkey and the palms are waiving with Hosannas being shouted. and this week, Holy Week still goes on in the homes and hearts of Christians worldwide.
and what was the World like at that moment in time? what diseases were ravaging the population? Leprosy? Consumption? Boils? Ulcers? all leading to massive infections and death. and there was Jesus. bringing God the Father to Earth in human form. walking the broken Earth. healing as He went.
so today, on our most unusual Palm Sunday. as we all worship online in our homes. Jesus arrives to bring His Kingdom to us in a way never thought of before. so let your soul not be troubled. what looks like something so out of control is really under His control and He knows what the end looks like and when it will come. no matter what the economy does. no matter who is ill around us. no matter what the future appears to be like.
God the Father, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit are among us. we are not alone in this physical fight. and I pray for Dr. Acton and Gov. DeWine and all leaders in this fight to be lead by Jesus.
so stay home. wear a mask if you must go out. wash your hands. and pray.

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so two days in a row

totally not me. but there are words that must be in print from my head.
first things first. hot tea.
i am trying to figure out people. i know i won’t, but i try to understand.
what possesses a person to attempt to control/change/dictate life to another person?
why is change a bad thing?
what is wrong with having close friends in your life?
i go back to Adam and Eve. oh Eve. you blew it for all of us women. totally.
but Adam…. you blew it too. you stood there and said nothing as she took the bite.
so the question is Why do we think we can be like God?
i don’t want to be like God. i don’t want to be in charge. i don’t want to decide the fate of another person’s soul. i don’t want that responsibility.
so people. oh people.
i have no answers. but the more i read my Bible the more i know i need Jesus more than anyone.
because if i have Him… then maybe i can just be like Him and love people no matter how they are. but dang, that is easier said than done.
so i try to be grateful for the grace He has given me that i must give others.
because i do not want to be God. but i want to be like Jesus.
it might take me my lifetime, but i will continue to work at it.
just praying those around me will be patient with me.