life as it is seen from my heart and soul

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cooler Saturday

and canning has commenced!!!
omg. my tomatoes have gone crazy, despite the hot humid weather.
beans are canned. raspberries picked to turn into jam!!! ‘squeals commence’
and my daughter and her husband are here from paris.
last weekend was nuts with two open houses but so many people came to see them and hug them and visit with us. it was fab.
and they leave tomorrow. my heart is not prepared for this. but their home is in France.
so God, keep them safe. keep them healthy. keep them close to You.
and the new semester begins monday.
this summer at work did not slow down – ever. it seems to just get crazier and crazier.
so i pray for a calm mind and slow words. and to be like Jesus. to reflect Jesus.
so much to say and so little time. Lord, keep us close to You.
be my Shepherd. be my Healer. be my Keeper.
blessings to all!!!!

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mid July

looked at the calendar this morning…. there is 4 weeks to the start of school full time. I have too much to do and not enough time, always that way. Tons of rain here, but no flooding yet, more is coming this week. I have the tomatoes tied up, the food sprinkled in the soil and foliage sprayed with leaf food. The geraniums have been trimmed of yellow leaves, musty flower heads and dead stems. I have most of the peaches canned into jam, but will be canning the rest today in light syrup.  And my beans are looking amazing, so I will be canning beans like crazy in a few weeks, probably just in time for hotter weather!!!  Lettuces look good even though they got in late.
and life. Life in Jesus. life as a Christian.  one day at a time, seeing what others say and do. Love. how does one love NO MATTER WHAT? Love, the command that Christ gave to each of us. Love.

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welcome Fall!!!

hard to believe, but the FURNACE came on last night!!!!!
AND i turned the heater up on the water bed too!!!!
the cardinals are eating away at the black sunflower seeds.
the butterflies are all gone, the yellow finches have eaten the heads of the purple coneflowers.
potatoes need to be dug up and canned.
sky is grey, clouds are moving, breeze is blowing.
the canner has been working overtime today ~ 14 jars of apple pie filling and now 5 quarts of chicken processing.
getting ready to study.  and watch the trees blow from my windows.
what will you be doing?  enjoy whatever it is.

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not the child laboring.. the kitchen laboring… just took jars of peach pie filling out of the canner.  will do one more batch of peach and then have apples to do…. pie filling and applesauce.  AND I have veggies to make vegetable soup base as well.  That gets pressured canned not steamer canned.
I love / hate this time of year.  I love summer coming to an end.
I love picking tomatoes by 5 gallon bucket fulls and then canning them into something.
I love the rain.
I love digging the potatoes.
school has begun, teaching has begun, and I never have enough time.
Oh well.   that is life… my life.. i wouldn’t change a thing no matter how much i complain.
thank you Lord.