life as it is seen from my heart and soul

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dare we discuss it?

what we really think or feel or are experiencing in life or what is happening to people around us?
culture. politics. jobs. families. viruses. murder. stress on top of stress. ethnicity. gender.
and we are tired.
all of us.
i am.
exhausted. totally fried.
every day dealing with people and pressures and expectations and personal attacks.
stressed beyond stressed.
and there seems to be no end to this. none.
i am rereading A Wrinkle in Time. love this book.
about good versus evil. light versus darkness. having the sense to stop and listen and wait.
what ever is going on it is about our reaction to it all.
i have to kick myself when i get in to the ‘OMG what are they doing to me?!” mode.
because each human being is made in God’s image ~ that image of the Holy Trinity.
and each of us is dealing with so very much.
so step back. stop. and breathe.
and remind yourself that as a believer in Jesus Christ we have His power and His Spirit to fill us, enfold us, protect us.

but just so you know ~ every once in a while i do scream into my pillow or sit on the toilet and have a good cry.

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day three.

today. OMG. work with this whole virus.
i cannot even begin to explain my day. so i won’t.
there is cake in the oven. lemon pound cake.
and life lessons.
what am i learning? am i too old to learn? what is Jesus trying to teach me?
back to Titus 2. the lesson that is put in to my head.
and now the women in my head… young, younger, youngest.
help me to be You to them.
the pain in their eyes. the hurt in their voices.
the Life You have offered them. help them to see You around them.
because this world offers loneliness and lies. nothing of value is in this world but You.
and why does it take so long to learn this? that my humanity is in You?
there were 12 deer this morning driving in to work. and You were there.
i saw You in their breath. standing there, silent, watching me as i stopped the car.
and then in the quiet of the morning they moved. slowly. silently. into the wood.
thank you for the vision of You as my day started. let me remember that You are always there, silently watching over me like a deer.