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open home

the past several weeks since the BIG WISCONSIN TRIP (more later) have been crammed with people. amazing people. some of the MOST amazing people are leah and una, with christine and maipelo. smart, articulate, passionate and driven for @banabarona #banabarona. a vision for art and medicine to bring hope to the children of Botswana in the form of 4 young women. a small spark of an apostrophe has been planted in my heart ~ what if sam and i traveled to Botswana? i am praying now… for the what ifs, the maybes, the possibilities!!!!
blessings on your Sabbath day… mine is beginning with the Word, jasmine green tea and quiet. the noise of una, leah, maipelo and christine is missed. thank you Lord for the blessing of these young women ~ may they bless You.