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the invisible war

war? yes, WAR.
despite the fact that it appears to be earthly, it really isn’t.
we have been warned, repeatedly.
yet we never learn.
this war started in the Garden with just two people.
one was a bully, one was bullied.
at least that is how i take it.
the war is not seen. but it is felt and heard.
in words and actions, in choices and decisions.
against each one of us that believes Jesus Christ is Lord.
our weapons? Ephesians 6 teaches us for our armor.
because we need the best armor out there to protect us.
we have Scripture, and prayer, and the Holy Spirit, and every weapon possible.
buck up. call on Christ. pray for strength & protection.
the evil one is more than happy that we don’t use our armor.
or pray for each other. or call on the Lord to take care of the war.
what war are you in right now?
remember you are not alone. Christ is with you. every step of the way.