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35 =

the # of years I have been married today. 35. I keep thinking how can I be married that long? How can it be 35 years??? I have had the last name Roepke longer than I had my  maiden name Love.  35 years. I am so grateful for my marriage. My husband loves me despite me. Through  the good, the bad, being well and being sick, being depressed, through children and miscarriages, through amazing ups and horrible downs. And in the center is God, the Lord of the Heavens that brought us together and has kept us together. Thank you Lord for my husband, his commitment, his faith and his love for me.

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September 22nd

and what a day it is…. it is the First day of Fall!  and Bilbo Baggins Birthday! and my 33rd anniversary to my hubby.  33 years… how could it have gone so fast?  I have more pics to post ~ of lettuces, tomatoes, chives, the colors of today.  There is blue sky, big white clouds, yellow red orange leaves on green grass.  what a blessing my anniversary is to me.