life as it is seen from my heart and soul

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the death of death

that is what we heard in church today. Easter sabbath is about the death of death as Jesus is risen and alive. my life is not permanent on this Earth. i have said in the past and still hope that my job in heaven will be in the kitchen and in the garden. the smells, the colours, the sounds – i can hardly wait. earth is tiring.
so don’t wait on Jesus. He is waiting on you, searching for you, hoping you will say yes to Him.


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unsure what to call it.

title, why does there have to be a title? and yet, it could be called numerous things.. but my first thought is Mistakes I have made.
Unfortunately there are too many to count. and the big one is to help my children understand that their personal happiness and wealth does not come from this earth. They flounder and I pray. and pray. and pray. I will keep praying and hope their eyes and hearts are opened to what REAL LIFE is about. That LOVE is about the blood of Christ. all three of them.
I realize I cannot live their life, that they are responsible adults, capable of making decisions for themselves. but this is hard, much harder than I ever ever thought.
Hoping that Spring comes and that summer isn’t too wet or too dry ~ but I am asking for a miracle. Blessings!

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to worship

so….my amazing hubby took me to hear Hillsong United #empirestour and Lauren Daigle last night. IT WAS AMAZING WORSHIP!!!!!! we had a great time with floor seats about 5 rows from the stage. the light show, the sound, the WORSHIP. i cannot even begin to explain… you have to experience it for yourself.

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35 =

the # of years I have been married today. 35. I keep thinking how can I be married that long? How can it be 35 years??? I have had the last name Roepke longer than I had my  maiden name Love.  35 years. I am so grateful for my marriage. My husband loves me despite me. Through  the good, the bad, being well and being sick, being depressed, through children and miscarriages, through amazing ups and horrible downs. And in the center is God, the Lord of the Heavens that brought us together and has kept us together. Thank you Lord for my husband, his commitment, his faith and his love for me.

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slow and steady

It is raining here…. we haven’t had rain in probably 4 weeks at least. my garden is drying up because of the lack of rain, the grasses are fading, and now today there is a slow steady rain. Our temperatures have dropped 20degrees as well compared to yesterday. This made for excellent temps in my kitchen this morning as I canned green beans. I went out early and picked tomatoes as well. Just canned pasta sauce last night. I need to get the potatoes dug up as well yet. Then the cleaning up and winterizing begins.
What are you up to today? I will be doing laundry, cleaning house, prepping for the weeks to come at work, reading, crocheting. I am waiting on new crochet  hooks to arrive!!  They are coloured and padded!!
The Lord is caring for us so well, but why would I expect anything different from the Creator of my soul? We are not sure what is going to happen next, but I am good with that. Waiting… gives me perspective, pushes me into His arms, forces me to depend on the grace and mercy of the King. Why could I not learn these things when I was younger? why? No answer but that THIS is the time for this lesson.
Praying for so many ~ please lift up Ruth, Andrea, Marla, Gina, Teresa, Kelly, Angie, Alex, Chase, Daniel, Ben, Rosalinda, Jed, and so many others. Life this side of Heaven is difficult.

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open home

the past several weeks since the BIG WISCONSIN TRIP (more later) have been crammed with people. amazing people. some of the MOST amazing people are leah and una, with christine and maipelo. smart, articulate, passionate and driven for @banabarona #banabarona. a vision for art and medicine to bring hope to the children of Botswana in the form of 4 young women. a small spark of an apostrophe has been planted in my heart ~ what if sam and i traveled to Botswana? i am praying now… for the what ifs, the maybes, the possibilities!!!!
blessings on your Sabbath day… mine is beginning with the Word, jasmine green tea and quiet. the noise of una, leah, maipelo and christine is missed. thank you Lord for the blessing of these young women ~ may they bless You.

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box or zone or blanket or whatever

…. meaning the box of life or comfort zone or security blanket… what ever we call life. it has crashed around us with no words of warning. and i am trying to figure this out ~ but there is no figuring this out. in the infinite wisdom of Creator God He knows the plan ~ and i cling to this Eternal Truth that He knows the plan, He loves me, His One and ONly Son died for my horrible sins and because of that we will be able to speak about this sometime in the future in the earthly hope of blessing Him.
for me this is yet another lesson in learning total dependence on God, that i am not really in charge of anything in life, and that the Holy Trinity is here in the mess. i need lots of help right now with this because once again the ‘church’ has made a choice and walked away from us. i am tired of people. but for me, fortunately, the Saviour is not tired of me.
i pray to see like He does, to love like He does, to live like He does. this is so very very tough.