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Spring ahead.

Time springs ahead, but the season is not keeping up. We have a winter watch with snow beginning tomorrow and through Wednesday. We don’t have what the east coast might get, but still, my forsythia was blooming but will get killed. I am afraid to check the lilacs, or the rhubarb, and all the little bulbs that broke open won’t survive either. No planting here this week, the ground is still too cold.
The moon is gorgeous here tonight, cold brisk clear and has a hazing around it. I love the moon. I would kind of like to get a blizzard ~ one that closes EVERYTHING so I get to stay home and sew and bake and crochet and clean and read and write. But… we shall see. Stay safe this week!!! Lent is  here and Jesus is Lord!!! Blessings.


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days and nights

It is ‘spring break’ at my job, but it doesn’t feel like Spring. Snow and cold winds for the last two days and today is grey and gloomy,  with snow spitting mixed with rain. I will work some over break at the office. I get so much more accomplished with no students there and most of the faculty gone. I am reading the She Reads Truth Lenten study with my Sarah for Easter preparation. If you haven’t read any of their blog, you should. The other study that has been thought provoking is from First 5. It is an app and is wonderful for being able to read anywhere.
My Sarah is coming home tomorrow and will be here until Wednesday morning. I am excited!!!  She wants to go to West Side Market on Monday, so we will get up early and head north to eat breakfast there and be foodies. Hoping to find some lamb for Easter and something good for dinner. Tuesday the plan is to head to Kidron and shop at Lehman’s. We will also head to quilt stores, material stores, and lunch. Excited for the days we will spend together. When she heads home on Wednesday I will head to work.
Hope your weekend is a good one! Blessings!!

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since January…

after posting the last post…. I ended up in the ER and had surgery. I missed a week of work and clinicals. What an experience!!  Outpatient surgery, drugs, GI system totally messed up, and I felt like poo.  BUT it was a good learning experience which I never want to go thru again!!!
In the life I live other days ~ there is so much on my mind that I want to write but don’t have time. All I can say is God is amazing and I truly need to TRUST Him for everything. the evil one desires to deceive, divide and destroy but Christ is greater in me and I belong to Him.

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November already?? The garden is put to bed finally and cold weather has arrived. The things I have had pop in my brain the last two months:
People who say they are your friend and have your back most of the time are thinking of themselves only.
I don’t now how I am going to keep up with life in some areas.
Getting paid to sew and crochet would be a fabulous thing.
I do really like teaching college.
Life is short… really short… so keep your eyes open and your heart ready.

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35 =

the # of years I have been married today. 35. I keep thinking how can I be married that long? How can it be 35 years??? I have had the last name Roepke longer than I had my  maiden name Love.  35 years. I am so grateful for my marriage. My husband loves me despite me. Through  the good, the bad, being well and being sick, being depressed, through children and miscarriages, through amazing ups and horrible downs. And in the center is God, the Lord of the Heavens that brought us together and has kept us together. Thank you Lord for my husband, his commitment, his faith and his love for me.

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September coming

Wondering what September will be like. August has been horrible for the garden. My tomatoes are small and dryish, the beans came on late, the peppers died.  I am hoping this weekend to plant spinach and kale and that September isn’t too horribly hot.
September is tough sometimes. My dad died in September. I love the Fall season. and it is my anniversary  month. September is about life and death. Leaves are falling, the earth is settling down for winter. I love the Fall… I can’t wait for it. I hope it is here for a while.
the new job is one week in.. not sure what to think. I am thankful to have a job.

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box or zone or blanket or whatever

…. meaning the box of life or comfort zone or security blanket… what ever we call life. it has crashed around us with no words of warning. and i am trying to figure this out ~ but there is no figuring this out. in the infinite wisdom of Creator God He knows the plan ~ and i cling to this Eternal Truth that He knows the plan, He loves me, His One and ONly Son died for my horrible sins and because of that we will be able to speak about this sometime in the future in the earthly hope of blessing Him.
for me this is yet another lesson in learning total dependence on God, that i am not really in charge of anything in life, and that the Holy Trinity is here in the mess. i need lots of help right now with this because once again the ‘church’ has made a choice and walked away from us. i am tired of people. but for me, fortunately, the Saviour is not tired of me.
i pray to see like He does, to love like He does, to live like He does. this is so very very tough.