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summer and such

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even though the calendar does not say ‘summer’ yet, it feels much like it. over 80 degrees, dry weather, pollen flying.
and we barbecued last night. oh it tasted so good. grilled barbecued chicken and salads. yummmmm.
i had a super duper busy week last week and am totally tired. still. two 14 hour days at the end.
too much going on. not enough help so i get to do it all. and that is my job.
so this weekend has been filled with chores. the chores of life and the cusp of summer.
just turned the canner off for the second time. i did chicken bone broth.
the way prices are and hidden ingredients it is much better to make my own.
i need to do the inventory for the pantry. and then the freezer.
who knows what food costs will be this fall. or gasoline. or electricity. or anything.
so i will keep canning and preserving and not worry about it.
today in church online was about The Good Samaritan. again, i am given a new perspective.
that i am the one beaten and dying on the roadside. i am the one in need of mercy and kindness.
i am the one that is cared for by a stranger who does everything for me with no regard for how it will affect him.
i am the one in need of the One that doesn’t really have to do anything, but does every time.
oh dear. i am the one. the dirty one. the bleeding one. the beaten one.
and Christ, the One, takes me on.
the Shepherd searching for the one, me. that is my Saviour.
the Samaritan taking care of the stranger, me. that is my Saviour.
the Man dying on the Cross for humanity, me. that is my Saviour.
and then rising, beating Death and giving me life. that is my Saviour.

Author: melinda

a follower of Christ & a Daughter of the Great High King of Heaven disguised as a wife, a mum, a nurse, a baker, a gardener, a teacher, an artist and many things unknown by others.

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