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the Sower and the Seed

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in the last two weeks i have heard the parable of the Sower and the Seed three times.
so that makes me stop to say What is it Lord that You are saying to me? What am i to learn from this Parable right now?
the weekend with Revive Our Hearts Grounded conference is the first time, then over the radio and now at the DYM100 2021 last week in California.
it isn’t about the Sower, it isn’t about the Seed, it is about the Soil. as a gardener that doesn’t use any chemicals, i know a few things about the Soil. actually, i love the soil in my garden. it is loaded with compost, rotted straw, leaves and grass clippings. my Soil is the most valuable part of my garden. if my Soil is bad, then i have no garden or i will lose everything i plant. one year, because of heavy spring rains for several weeks, i lost all my tomatoes to fungus. no fresh tomatoes that summer except for what i bought from the Amish.
so back to the Soil. the Soil is the heart of each person. four types. hard, stony, thorny and good soils. what is it about the Soil? in my mind it is what we feed the Soil, or not feed it. thinking about the Soil this way helps me to ask What am i doing for my heart? am i feeding my Soil? it also makes me to stop to consider those around me – what has been put into their soil? instead of questioning their motives, i now question their Soil. what has happened in their past to make them react they way they do? why do they treat others they way the do? is there something i can say or do to offset their hardness, their thorns, or their stones?
it amazes me how people react, what they say or do in situations of distress or chaos. and it makes me think about how i have acted in the past. how have i listened to others? to Jesus?
what will i do? i am working on feeding my Soil with the Word and study of Christ.
to choose to seek Him out.
to work hard to not choose culture or food or stuff.
to slowly work on helping others feed their Soil in Christ as well.
to pray. to remain calm. to stop and not speak, but to listen in all things.
what will you do?

Author: melinda

a follower of Christ & a Daughter of the Great High King of Heaven disguised as a wife, a mum, a nurse, a baker, a gardener, a teacher, an artist and many things unknown by others.

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