life as it is seen from my heart and soul


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i am tired.
of selfish people. self centric thinkers.
and parents that act irresponsible.
of this earth.
Lord.. why do You let this happen? Why?
the students in my office with nothing working hard at home and school.
and they have no support or love or affirmation in their lives.
i cry after they leave they my office.
because there isn’t enough i can do for them.
they are beat down, hazed, and given nothing but dysfunction.
Lord… help me help them. help me please.
with Your strength, Your eyes, Your heart, Your vision of them.
there is so much sorrow and pain and despair.
oh Lord. hear me.

Author: melinda

a follower of Christ & a Daughter of the Great High King of Heaven disguised as a wife, a mum, a nurse, a baker, a gardener, a teacher, an artist and many things unknown by others.

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