life as it is seen from my heart and soul

Memorial Day, USA

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small town. Memorial Day parade 2019.
the old men in their uniforms that ride in the cars decorated with flags.
the middle aged men in their uniforms that walk in front with flags.
the young ones in bands & scout troops & families.
We will not forget.
Freedom is not Free.
We do not see the scars on their bodies or in their hearts.
Men & women they fought with that did not return.
The Most Eternal Sacrifice.
for me. for you. for this great land of the United States of America.
they were young and had so much to live for. so they gave twice in their giving.
once for the life they lived and second for the future they lost.
for me.
so that I can pray and worship anytime anywhere.
so that I can walk into an election booth and vote without fear.
so that I can speak my mind in public knowing their is no retribution for my speech.
so that I can read anything I like in print or word.
Freedom. much like my Lord. I cannot touch it, smell it, taste it ~ but once it is taken I can see what has been lost.
I will never Forget the Sacrifice of others for this Freedom of mine.

Author: melinda

a follower of Christ & a Daughter of the Great High King of Heaven disguised as a wife, a mum, a nurse, a baker, a gardener, a teacher, an artist and many things unknown by others.

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