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in teaching i learn.

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I had student appointments for test review this week. I met with one student at a time for 30 minutes to do test review. Some students are required based on their grade, some students are diligent to see what they missed no matter the grade. And it never fails… we sit there going over questions, finding the answer in their required readings, and then discussing why the other answers are wrong… and we explore how as nurses we will take care of the patient described in the test question. My student nurses, future care givers of the community, are getting there ~ thinking critically and seeing how they do know what to do for their patients and that in the end they will make excellent registered Nurses. and I …. the teacher…. get to watch it happen and I learn with them. blessings.

Author: melinda

a follower of Christ & a Daughter of the Great High King of Heaven disguised as a wife, a mum, a nurse, a baker, a gardener, a teacher, an artist and many things unknown by others.

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